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June 19, 2015/POSTED BY Penelope Black Diamond/

Penelope Black Diamond a photo artist of a special kind


Q: Where did you grow?
Magdeburg, Germany where I spent my childhood and adolescence … I went to school here. Here I met my husband

Q: May ask how long you’re married to your husband?
Everybody knows that I’m married, so the question is permitted. A partnership was created with 17 years and I have married him in 2002, when I was 20 years old.

Q: How it came to the passion of the big breasts?
That can not be answered in two or three short sentences … So there are  their own contribution the  way over  my  dream boobs. let my Boob Story!

Q: Were there any difficulties in the family why you have big breast
Habituation is everything 

Q: Are there any restrictions with the big boobs
a few small problems… I wear no sexy lingerie because I find no matching bras with a cup for me. You just have a few things to note the camisole over her breasts are somewhat elastic. But usually I wear even the smallest size of clothing

Q: You’ve got body piercings and jewelry such as a tattoo, do you plan more?
I could imagine….

Q:Your career as a BigBustyStar model was the planned
To the time of my desire for a bigger bust. To This time I didn’t even if have internet, or digital camera… It was like a fated.
Since fate has decided that … i’m the BigBustyStar Penelope Black Diamond
I have next to my regular work, odd jobs as a model for fun. It has fallen to me to pose and gently provocative and to dare to be what everyone does not…..
More and more as a hobby became a career. At a photo shoot made me someone suggested that I should posiern times on the Internet as a web cam girl, I would have 100% success with my curves
I have tried. And it worked … since here I am self-employed entrepreneur. I and my husband then began to create a website (it was 2003). Today we are working professionally with the latest Tehnology and expand our updates, ideas and websites

Q: You work so well together with other girls. Are you bisexual?
So I can not deny, that i dont like other woman’s body…
And I think I’d also be great to live together with a woman. A little bit crazy I like. I like that I can speak freely with my husband about these ideas, and so he has absolutely no Probem. I can before the camera completely free to follow my inclinations;)

Q: What are your turn ons?
on what exactly this question is mean? There are so many areas that I like.
In the subject of love? I like it balanced, sometimes wild, sometimes unplanned, sometimes cuddly … so it does not get boring - fast Vibrators  groomed feet oralsex
In Lifestyle theme? I like it like provocative. I unwillingly a person who follows the great mass. I like it when it hits from the way…
Or a plate of pasta to cream sauce and prawns with garlic 

Q: how they value their own personality?
of my heart a family people. very emotional and compassionate.
Not at first step trusting people. first once a skeptic
Those who know me personally gets to know the notes that I like it very humorous.
I like to make jokes and love to laugh a lot.
and in some situations can I be absolutely impatient, but in other situations, in turn, very patient. It depends on what’s at stake here. For example: Do I want to be sure this pair of shoes is best to wait immediately and without hesitation.
Q: Do you have pets at home?
Yes we have pets. two cats of breed Bengal

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
So I love to drive with my cars. I like visiting other towns. Love going to gigs/concerts. Love to cook. I like sometimes to be creative, I can well in my Job…
Q: Do you have something that you collect?
Oh yes! I have a lot of shoes (High Heels, Toe-Sandals and boot) and I believe it is now more than 300 pairs.
I also have a large collection of sunglasses,
most from the 70s real originale collector glasses. They’re so sexy!
Q: Where do you live?
After a nice big city apartment in Magdeburg, we now live in a house where one has more features than in an apartment. Not far from Berlin / Germany

Q: Can you imagine draw abroad?

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