BigBustyStar – Shortstory – Experience report – Breast augmentation

Penelope Black Diamond tells how it began……..

My personal experiences on my way to dream breasts.
I had put this idea into my head at a very early age, puberty. And thought about that if my breasts won’t grow by themselves, I wouldn’t have a problem to help nature out. I don’t have much patience when it comes to certain things and at the young age of 17 gave up on waiting for nature to give me a large chest.
Thanks to the media, you see only large and well shaped breasts. The perfection was in round, fake looking , pushed out and firm boobs, those got attention.
I personally liked the fake look, created by doctors, it just seemed to fit the modern lifestyle.
At 17 you can’t really say you looked at the pros and cons in every aspect. The fact was, I wasn’t happy. Having an athletic and petite body, 5’4 and 114lbs, my bra size was 34a. Wearing a tight fitting summer dress, I looked much younger than I liked.
I got my first breast augmentation as a present on my 18th birthday. But to be able to show my new shape at my birthday party, the breast augmentation was scheduled while I was still 17. It was 3 weeks before my birthday.
So, I took a picture from a magazine and showed it to the doctor and told him that’s the size I wanted. He looked at the picture and quickly told me with my small breasts it was impossible to get to that size in one augmentation. I looked at the doctor with a sad face and asked him how big we could get with the first surgery? He suggested to slowly get to a bigger size, because if you get to big and you don’t like it, it wouldn’t be a quick and easy fix to go back to a smaller size. And I should slowly get used to the bigger size, since it would be a different feel.
He was a really good doctor ( with many awards and positive feedback) and I took his advise to heart. So my first step towards the breasts of my dreams started with 420cc silicon implants and resulting dd breasts.
After that first surgery I actually felt great pretty quick with maybe 2 days where I had some difficulties moving around or lifting my arms. Once I was back home, I got used to my new, larger breasts quickly. Of course I looked proudly at myself in the mirror, but I have to say it didn’t look as big or fake as I was imagining it before the surgery. And the doctor told me if I wanted more, there would have to be more than just one surgery. I quickly realized that I would be seeing him again soon.
Here I have some pictures to show me before my first breast augmentation and soon after breast augmentation:
It took about a year before I asked him how big we could get with this next surgery. My doctor now fully understood that I was very serious about getting very big breasts and suggested 2 different implants to me. The first one was a regular silicone implant (800cc) the second one was also silicone, but a so called expander implant, which can be filled and expanded with a saline solution through a port that’s located under your skin. No surgery is needed to expand and enlarge the breasts this way, which of course is good for the body and the wallet. For just half a year I wore 800cc Silicone Implants and decided then equal one Numer take on larger 1200cc expander. OK, the surgery with 800cc silicone pad was unnecessary. But at the time I had no idea, is it the  right breast size after the surgery
Then coming my  first expander implant , which could be filled up to 1200cc. The initial size we started out with was 700cc, which took me up to a F cup. Even without filling it, my breasts stood out far and were perfectly round. I was very happy with the way it looked now.
Here I have some pictures to show me before my second breast augmentation:
After some time, allowing my skin to heal and relax and regain it’s elasticity, I went in for the first fill up. The horror stories about the fill ups being painful were fortunately not true and I didn’t feel anything during the procedure other than a little sting when they inserted the syringe. I could watch as my breast got bigger and rounder. It didn’t take long and my expander implants were fully filled after a couple of visits to the doctors office. By then I had already surpassed an H cup and it got harder and harder to find a bra that would fit me, which didn’t bother me, since my breasts were so firm that they stood up and out by themselves.
I was happy with 1200cc implants but still was not where I wanted to be. I took another 2-3 years before I asked my doctor what type implants we could use now to get to a bigger size. This is where the first hurdle on my way to my dream breasts got into my way. My doctor told me that he couldn’t get any bigger implants from the companies that he was using, and the companies that were offering bigger implants, well, he didn’t like them. If I really wanted bigger breasts, he said I would have to look for a new doctor! Ouch! I thought to myself, I wasn’t expecting that for an answer from him, since the customer is usually king and gets what he wants if they have the money.
So the search began…and it was more difficult than I had thought. After several visits to other doctors, I finally found one that shared my views and said, he’d do anything I wanted! That was the answer I was waiting for. And the photos of surgeries he had done looked very good. He had several awards and positiv feedback. Another thing I really liked was the whole atmosphere at his office. I all felt different this time, I asked more questions, researched more and took more time to make the decision.
I got to the point very quickly and asked him how big he could get me. Since I was already used to the expander implant and liked those very much, he offered me ones that could be filled to 2200cc. I thought about it for a while and set the surgery date, which was several months away. The wait was worth it, I loved the results. I was very happy with my doctor and the end result was a dream. By then I didn’t know my cup size anymore.
My hobby of working as a photomodel turned even into a career, which wasn’t something that was planned. My career began and BigBustStar was born, PenelopeBlackDiamond. You can’t deny the effect and success such large breasts have. Even with the first surgery I had an advantage over models that had smaller breasts. Of course it takes more than just 2 big breasts, but to go into further detail would be to long and it’s not what this is about, it’s about my journey to my large breasts.
Time went by and my image was in the media, especially the internet, and it seemed that my breasts could get a bit bigger still.
So another visit to the doctors office was set and we discussed another surgery. Finally I could reach my goal, with 3600cc implants.
The shape and the size is exactly what I had dreamed off. Personally I don’t go by “bigger is better” and I don’t chase the title of worlds biggest boobs, but rather look at the whole package.
I had been asked often if I was addicted to surgery, which I could always answer with no. I just had not reached my dream size and shape yet. Only after I got the 3600cc implants could I say, yes, this is what I had envisioned. Would I go bigger? I have to say, yes, but I also have a size in my head that I think is to big for myself. A little bigger though, sure…
To all the girls, women, ladies that want their dream super breasts or are looking to get the size /shape of a certain model or entertainer, it’s important to find the right doctor for you, one that has a good reputation and history. Money can’t be the deciding factor in this. It’s your body after all, your health and your soul. If you get bad results, it’s mostlikely worse than having smaller breasts. Also, take some time with your decision. I didn’t take as much time with my first augmentation then I did with my last one, but let’s also be honest, if we’d look at all the pros and cons then we’d never get a surgery that isn’t absolutely neccessary. It takes sense and some luck. I was very lucky with my doctor. I’m also a cheerful person and like to follow my dreams and instincts. I absolutely admit that as a woman I like a very curvy body and I would consider more plastic surgery if I wasn’t happy with parts of my body and had the chance to change that. To each their own. It’s everyones own body and everyone can decide for themselve what to do with it, whether others like it or not doesn’t matter.
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Here you can see a quick summary of my growing breasts:

Here original implants of Penelope Black Diamond. Not of any surgery I have this pillow only from these…

I hope you had it a little insight into the career to big boobs.
all have a great time on my pageand with my work
kisses PenelopeBlackDiamond

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  1. Your boobs are absolutely perfect! “Would I go bigger?” I would say no, really. For me, you will be the sexiest woman in the world forever.

    Thanks for your boobstory, its really a privilege to know more about you. Penelope, you are wonderful!

    • thanks for ur post. :)
      A little bigger though, sure…
      but! Personally I don’t go by “bigger is better” and I don’t chase the title of WorldsBiggestBoobs (< never), but rather look at the whole package.
      that’s the important part! :D * smile * Love Boobs greetings
      Penelope Black Diamond

      • The fact is not that you have the title “WorldsBiggestBoobs” ; for me and all your fans i guess, your title would be a bit longer: “WorldsBestFakeBoobs”

        Never seen boobs like yours anyway else. They are so round and big, they defy wonderfully gravity,… so fake. And for me, it’s not only sexy, its just beautiful and smooth. Your entire body is perfect with that.

        And what a friendly and very cute woman you are… Penelope are a gift each day since 9 years.

  2. It was interesting to read this! In my opinion, you have the world`s most beautiful boobs now! In the 90′s I liked girls like Tiffany Towers, but I was searching for a model with boobs really big and round like a ball – and then I found you! You are the model I searched for a long time!!! You have the boobs of my wildest fantasies! :)
    You’re the one and only DREAMWOMAN for me!

  3. Oh, I forgot something: Since years it is my BIGGEST dream, to see your amazing and beautiful boobs in REAL life, absolutely! It’s my BIGGEST dream to meet you. But I know, that this will be only a dream – and I accept this. :(

  4. Thanks for your boobstory Penelope!!! You are my favourite because you used surgery to reach your actual incredible huge spherical firm breasts but no more. I mean, you didn’t change anything else to your body. What i love, it’s that you are a natural girl with only perfect fake tits. Yes, you are so unique, dont change your beautiful athletic body.

    Do you plan really to go bigger? I would love that but not too much then, take care to your health dreamgirl. :D

    Kisses, Dino

    PS: May i still hope a full sensual striptease video? I miss your sexy moves from 2011… Really, you are very talented in there, do not deprive us of your charms. But i like your current hardcore work, your last blowjob was just unbelievable! ;-)

    • Thank you, I’m loving this great comments :D
      Yes, of course, come back sensual movements. Now I’m so back and my body figure and can circulate the hips properly again. Thank you for your praise on my last blowjob-video

      kissese PenelopeBlackDiamond

  5. Penelope,

    Thank you for sharing your story! So interesting! I am sure it will inspire other girls to achieve their dreams too! :)

    What was your career before becoming a big bust model?

    • indeed an inspiration to believe firmly that what you want

      I have not worked for many years in a normal job. I started after school 10th grade one Ausbilung as lawyer assistants, and the second I was still in the medical care. And I must say the medical care I liked very much. you work with nice people and we helped others people.

      kisses PenelopeBlackDiamond

  6. Thank you to have added those very nice photos of your successive surgery (you are very cute after your second one).

    I have a request now. I think that my favourite photoset is you with a white bikini on the stairs of a wind (Bikini-Outfit / Update 05.10.04) from yet 8 years ago.

    Would you like to make a new photoset with the same bikini on the same place with the same camera angles? With your new look, it would be epic and very special because we remember well this fantastic old set. 8 years between the two sets.

    What do you think about that?

    PS: This message is off topic, i know. Why do not add a thread to your nice blog called “Request”? ;-)

    • Thank you for your contribution. I am glad that it is so exciting reads for you.
      Place because of the Shootin the same. I can not believe this is possible. At that time I was living in Magdeburg and the pictures were taken.
      how u mean ur ps? I don’t understand the question or idea.

      kisses PenelopeBlackDiamond

      • My PS means a suggest to you to create a new topic in your blog (with “Upgrades” , “FanWork” , “Youtube” , “Interview” , “All about me” and “My boobs story”).
        In this new topic “Suggest” or “Request”, your fans would tell you some idea for your future work. Do you understand? ;-)

        Concerning the previous suggest, there is not wind near your current home? But if you dont like this idea, no problem dear Penelope. :-)

        PS: I hope you will make other blowjobs like the last one, omg. Fucking hot!

  7. Wow – Penelope – I can’t believe that you finally posted all of this information about your implants! Thank-you so very much! This has been shrouded in secrecy for so long, thank-you not only for your story, but also the many pix that accompany. For an implant-fetishist, your story reads like delicious porn!

    Was the porn star Wendy Whoppers originally an inspiration for you? Although you have surpassed her size considerably, your proportions are similar.

    Many thanks, and congratulations on the addition to your family.

    -A Long Time Fan since 2005

    • thank you for your great contribution. No, Wendy Whoppers was not my personal inspiration, but she really proportions are awesome and she looks pretty damn hot!

      thanks for so long time as fan on my side!!!!
      kises PenelopeBlackDiamond

  8. Well, a few month ago, I asked our lovely Penelope to show few photos from the times before her first surgery. At that time, she argued that those pictures are not professional.

    And now, here they are.

    It is absolutely out of this world how she developed, and it shall in my oppinion encurage all girls to follow if they like to have big breasts.

    I also like to read that a further increase of these beautiful globes is not impossible. To encurrage you, just immagine to go to 5000cc will add 2cm in diameter to each breast, making her 4cm wider. I immagine the view from behind, which will be absolutely unbeatable. Especially in combination with that butt. Out of this world.

    Penelope Rules!!

  9. Hi Penelope,

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!

    It’s inevitable to me, excuse: when you talk about “Would I go bigger? I have to say, yes, but I also have a size in my head that I think is to big for myself. A little bigger though, sure…“ which the maximum volume you think you have a day? After pregnancy would be a good time to enlarge breasts a bit?


    • Hi,
      bei deinen Fragen muss ich leider passen….,
      - denn ich wiege mich nur im Ganzem :D
      - Meinen Arzt kann ich nicht sagen, denn er möchte nicht öffentlich genannt werden.

      mit ganz lieben Grüßen Penelope

        • Hi, Ich habe keinerlei Rückenschmerzen! Hat vielleicht auch etwas mit der Einstellung und dem Körpergefühl zu tun. Ich fühle mich mit meiner Figur SEHR wohl! Gewicht haben meine Brüste ganz sicher, aber es ist für mich ganz normal.

          lg Penelope

  10. I want to say good job, way to live your life the way you want you look amazing!

    With your super size tits are you concerned with pregnancy and breastfeeding/lactation? General topics say there is no/little chance of problems/complications. However you have much larger than average breast augmentation.

    My GF want’s large breasts and I encourage it. We also love the idea of lactation. So any knowledge you have picked up along the way would be great to hear.


    • So I can suggest. It’s the best thing there is for the baby (it’s healthy for both mother and baby). I am very glad that I did it. It is a wonderful experience.
      I am not a doctor and can not say if it works every time so easy. I think if one has the will to do it, then that is going well!
      good luck Penelope

  11. Hallo Penelope, …bist nicht nur eine wunderschöne Frau, …und so authentisch und positiv-kreativ-vital wirkend, mit Dir bestimmt einfach eine herrlich unkompliziert fröhlichen Abend verbringen …meine Nachbarn kommen aus Magdeburg, so herrliche offene Menschen …und ich lebe gerade hier bei den Schwaben …grrr, kennst Du die Schwaben?
    Einen guten Start in ein gesundes, zufriedenes beschwingtes 2013

  12. Dear Penelope, i met lately a nice girl with fake silicone tits (850cc) but she want to go so bigger, saline implants, very round and looking fake. I know two good surgeon in USA (Dr Davis and Dr Pousti) but she would prefer an european plastic surgeon, a very able one.

    So i thought about your surgeon, just because your tits are absolutely perfectly round, huge and defying gravity, exactly what she want. Correct me if i’am wrong but you didn’t reveal who was your surgeon? Is he european and how can i contact him?

    Thanks again for your many last updates, smile from Belgium.

    Have a nice week.

    • true that I have not mentioned because I do not say it. Since my doctor does not want to be named;)
      Respect this and we consider its good work (on me).
      i wish a great week!

      kisses Penelope Black Diamond

    • im Internet bestell ich mir meine Wäsche. Aber wirkliche BHs trage ich nicht… irgendwie habe ich mich daran gewöhnt das man mit der Größe schwer was findet ;)
      Den Bikini namen kenn ich leider nicht *sorry*

      Penelope :)

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